Case Managers & Adjusters

You deserve simplicity and process efficiency. Your injured workers deserve high quality, well-coordinated and expedited care. Our program is designed to perform for all parties. Let us help.

CONEXUS offers:

  • Unmatched product knowledge.
  • Improved access via network size and scope of services.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Product specific utilization controls.
  • Rush/Stat order protocols.
  • Complex Claims Teams.
  • Discharge coordination.

Improved Care Transitions

Movements between treatment environments represent a critical time in an injured workers’ healing process. If not managed properly they can delay recovery and create undue stress for patients, families, caregivers and you. Leverage our knowledge, experience and service approach to assist your injured workers with their DME, Home Health and related ancillary services needs as they move between treatment environments.

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