Case Managers & Adjusters

You deserve simplicity and process efficiency. Your injured workers deserve high quality, well-coordinated and expedited care. Our program is designed to perform for all parties. Let us help.

Here’s How CONEXUS works:

  • Call the CONEXUS referral line toll free at 844-261-2996*
  • Provide the PCC with the patient information, physician information and specific equipment/services needed.
  • We select a local network provider to coordinate the requested equipment or services.
  • We contact the adjuster and/or case manager with the expected delivery time and confirmed price.
  • We follow up with the Patient/Caregiver to ensure quality of service.

Referrals can also be placed online or via email at [email protected] or by fax at 844.821.3632

Have a referral? Conexus can help.

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